Daily Bible Reader

This page is here to facilitate the goal all of us have to be a daily Bible reader.

This year, the format will be a little different in that we will not be setting out to read the entire Bible in one year so, if you don’t get started on January 1, you can join in at any point and not be behind.

Here we go, this is the format for this year:

First of all this is daily reading program.  Ideally, you will spend time in the Bible every day.

Second, this program is most concerned with consistent engagement with God’s word, more so than quantity of Scripture read.  Consequently, this is not a read-through-the-entire-Bible-in-a-year program.  We will have a reading for every day, and along with that reading some thoughts will be provided to consider as well as some questions to ponder.

Third, the framework for our readings will be themes we’ll touch on each day of the week.  Those themes and their assigned days are as follows: Sunday—God, Monday—Jesus, Tuesday—Bible Story (1), Wednesday—Discipleship, Thursday—Praise & Prayer, Friday—Bible Story (2), Saturday—Inspiration, Motivation, & Encouragement

Fourth, you can access the schedule at www.ireadtheword.com or on the “DBR Schedule” page on this site.  You may also receive a daily reminder and schedule for the day via text message.  To do so just text “follow AirportcofcDBR” to 40404 on twitter.

Join us starting January 1 spending time with God in His word every day!